Moncton, New Brunswick. Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 CONSTABLE, Burden Murdock  19 Nov 1921Moncton, New Brunswick. Canada I0051 WillIam CONSTABLE 
2 CONSTABLE, Carla Ruth  14 Dec 1965Moncton, New Brunswick. Canada I0211 WillIam CONSTABLE 
3 CONSTABLE, Donald Stewart  23 Nov 1920Moncton, New Brunswick. Canada I0148 WillIam CONSTABLE 
4 CONSTABLE, George Arthur  25 Mar 1917Moncton, New Brunswick. Canada I0049 WillIam CONSTABLE 
5 CONSTABLE, George Edward  28 Oct 1902Moncton, New Brunswick. Canada I0006 WillIam CONSTABLE 
6 CONSTABLE, George Edward  24 Sep 1922Moncton, New Brunswick. Canada I0247 WillIam CONSTABLE 
7 CONSTABLE, Helen Beatrice  24 Feb 1914Moncton, New Brunswick. Canada I0047 WillIam CONSTABLE 
8 CONSTABLE, Jack Lawrence  1 Apr 1916Moncton, New Brunswick. Canada I0048 WillIam CONSTABLE 
9 CONSTABLE, James Clyde  21 Aug 1921Moncton, New Brunswick. Canada I0246 WillIam CONSTABLE 
10 CONSTABLE, Joanne Marie  5 Nov 1956Moncton, New Brunswick. Canada I0208 WillIam CONSTABLE 
11 CONSTABLE, Lester Searle  16 May 1920Moncton, New Brunswick. Canada I0050 WillIam CONSTABLE 
12 KIRK, Marianne Geraldine  19 Oct 1914Moncton, New Brunswick. Canada I0027 WillIam CONSTABLE 
13 MARSH, Harold Leonard CONSTABLE  8 Jan 1922Moncton, New Brunswick. Canada I0149 WillIam CONSTABLE 
14 PERKINS, Margaret Eileen  13 Jan 1921Moncton, New Brunswick. Canada I0089 WillIam CONSTABLE 
15 RICKARD, Kevin Richard  2 Mar 1957Moncton, New Brunswick. Canada I0132 WillIam CONSTABLE 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 CONSTABLE, Carla Ruth  23 Jul 1997Moncton, New Brunswick. Canada I0211 WillIam CONSTABLE 
2 CONSTABLE, Henry Arthur  21 Jan 1959Moncton, New Brunswick. Canada I0015 WillIam CONSTABLE 
3 CONSTABLE, Horace Lawrence  2 Dec 1963Moncton, New Brunswick. Canada I0014 WillIam CONSTABLE 
4 CONSTABLE, James Clyde  18 Dec 1984Moncton, New Brunswick. Canada I0246 WillIam CONSTABLE 
5 CONSTABLE, Lester Searle  16 Oct 1993Moncton, New Brunswick. Canada I0050 WillIam CONSTABLE 
6 CROSSMAN, Hazel Pearl  7 Aug 1952Moncton, New Brunswick. Canada I0046 WillIam CONSTABLE 
7 REYNOLDS, Gladys Mary  4 Jan 1975Moncton, New Brunswick. Canada I0179 WillIam CONSTABLE 
8 WILBUR, Watson Ira  3 Feb 1995Moncton, New Brunswick. Canada I0056 WillIam CONSTABLE 
9 WRIGHT, Susan Dorothy  22 Jan 1922Moncton, New Brunswick. Canada I0147 WillIam CONSTABLE 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 CONSTABLE / CROSSMAN  11 Sep 1913Moncton, New Brunswick. Canada F0010 WillIam CONSTABLE 
2 CONSTABLE / PERKINS  17 Oct 1945Moncton, New Brunswick. Canada F0029 WillIam CONSTABLE 
3 CONSTABLE / ROBERTS  1 Apr 1941Moncton, New Brunswick. Canada F0025 WillIam CONSTABLE 
4 CONSTABLE / WRIGHT  23 Aug 1919Moncton, New Brunswick. Canada F0006 WillIam CONSTABLE 
5 JOHNSTON / CONSTABLE  15 Jul 1936Moncton, New Brunswick. Canada F0085 WillIam CONSTABLE 
6 WILBUR / CONSTABLE  14 Aug 1939Moncton, New Brunswick. Canada F0016 WillIam CONSTABLE