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201 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
202 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
203 research note from Christine Brooks, May 2006
Research Notes: Because we have no marriage certificate, or birth certificates of her children, all we know definitely of Clara's origins is from the 1901 census, that she was born in Chailey in around 1863.

The 1871 census for Chailey shows a Clara living in Chailey who was born in Uckfield and who is eight years old. This Clara is the daughter of Eli Howell living at Tutts Farm, Chailey East Sussex

This Clara's was born in Uckfield on 14th Sept 1862, and so her age does not agree with Clara Funnell's death certificate. (If Clara Funnell's death certificate and the 1901 census are correct then Clara would have to have been born between 14th December 1862 and 31st March 1863). Not much of a discrepancy, but I'm inclined to think that the death certificate would have been correct.

The 1881 census for the Howell family included a grandson called Ernest Howell - I did wonder whether this was the child of Clara Howell (as Clara Funnell is said to have had a child when she was young), but it turns out that Ernest was the son of Florence Catherine Howell, Clara's older sister.

There is another Clara born in Chailey in 1861 - she is Clara Coley and appears on the 1871 census

John Coley / Head / M / 36 / Market Gardener / Sussex Newick
Hannah Coley / Wife / M / 34
Charles Coley / Son / 12
Mary C Coley / Daur / 10
Clara H Coley / Daur / 8
Annie M Coley / Daur / 6
Frederick G. Coley Daur / 3

This is the most likely candidate, I think.

I can find no more Claras born in Chailey in that year on the 1881 census. If I broaden my search, there is a Clara Cornford and a Clara Grainger, but they are both born in 1866 - this seems a bit late to me, as the 1901 census and her death certificate both agree on Clara Funnell's age. One other possible is another Clara Howell - this Clara is the daughter of David Howell who appears next door to Eli Howell in Chailey on the 1871 census - he is shown as being the same age and also born in Alceston. This Clara Howell is the same age as Eli Howell's daughter Clara but I had originally ruled her out as her birthplace is shown as Rottingdean.

The Clara I am looking for has a sister (probably younger) who was a District Nurse.

Noted events in her life were:

Census: : 1891. Believed to be in America
Town Records: : 1892 & 1894, Colorado Springs, USA.14 John Funnell, listed in City Directories for Colorado Springs – this may be John and Clara.
Census: : 1901, Lewes, Sussex.1 Clara is aged 38, born Chailey and living at 21 St Johns Street, Lewes

Clara married Ernest John Funnell about 1890.15  
204 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
205 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
206 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
207 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
208 Charles was born and named HOLLOWAY but was later adopted and given the DOUCH surname Charles Holloway DOUCH
209 Moved to Hambie (Southampton) at the beginning of WW 2 to work in aircraft production
never married and no children 
210 Census 1891 Amy was a dressmaker Amy DOUGHERTY
211 In the 1901 census- Annie LOVETT is living in Dorset with her daughter, Margery Jane and her mother, Susan DOUGHERTY, visitor, along with 2 other young men who are from the London area.
Annie is living on her own means and teacher of music. 
212 Edward DOUGHERTY and Sarah are in the 1851 census with the family of 6 children.
Edward is a paper stainer- age 47
in the 1871 he is a widower and living with son Thomas and family-
and Henry born 1850 and another son William born 1853,
Edward is listed as "no Work" he was 76 years old- and his place of birth is listed as Devon, Plymouth!
If he was 76 in 1871 that means he was born in 1795-- not 1804 as determined from the 1851- in 1851 his wife Sarah was 39 and he was 47 - maybe he was older and didn't want her to know his real age- Sarah must have died after 1860 and before 1871-
I am having a hard time finding them in the 1861 due to the fact they changed their name from DOUGHERTY to DOUGHTY-
copy of death certificate on file

Name: Doughty, Edward
Record Type: Deaths
Age at death: 80
Quarter: September
Year: 1877
District: St George Hanover Square
County: London Surrey
Volume: 1a
Page: 231
213 Also used DOUGHTY James DOUGHERTY
214 James occupation was a slater. James DOUGHERTY
215 Birth registration 04-1863- St.Geo Hanover Sq 1a, 21 John Edward DOUGHERTY
216 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. John Edward DOUGHERTY
217 John Dougherty, son, was present at Edward DOUGHTY, his fathers death 1877-
Edward was living at 19 Gregory Street, Pimlico at the time of his death- John was at 19 Lockington Road, Battersea, Middlesex, England  
218 WW 1 UK military records on file Leonard Langham DOUGHERTY
219 Source of birth: LDS IGI St Lukes Middlesex batch C067054 and Ruth Mary Ann Elizabeth DOUGHERTY
220 C. Searle (Charles) son was informant on his mother's desth certificate. She was widow of George Edward Searle, a master builder.
they lived at 727 Longhedge Street, Battersea.
cause of death was Cardio vascular disease.
221 Name on birth certificate is DOCKETY Sarah DOUGHERTY
222 1851 Census - 8 Wilderness Row
1871 Census 18 Gregory Street Westminister, London, England
1891 Same as 1971
Thomas occupation was a labourer
his wife Mary was a dressmaker 
223 Census 1901 living at 190 Cornwell, Kensington, Middlesex, England Arthur DOUGHTY
224 information for this family from Kevin DOUGHTY Arthur DOUGHTY
Jacob Mann from Furstenau and Heinrich Kamlage from Furstenau are Jakob Heinrich August Duckers god parents or namesakes! Mann and Kamlage are names we have seen before and are probably related to this growing family of 7 children. August had his 13th birthday aboard the ship "Havel" as they arrived in New York on May 4, 1893. The passenger ship records list all the children as being 2 years younger than they were at the time of crossing.
Gus, 23, married Florine Vinal, 21, on October 7, 1903 in Weymouth, Massachusetts and they were married by the clergyman Melvin S. Nash. At the time of their marriage, Gus was a baker and Florine was a stenographer.
Gus became a citizen on Oct 27, 1905 after residing in Chelsea for seven years and Weymouth for five years. He is listed as being married and a baker at the time of his citizenship and denouncing his allegiance to William II the Emperor of Germany.
Gus and Florine had no children, but their home was a welcome spot for all the family. They celebrated their 50 Th wedding anniversary on October 7, 1953 with the gathering of many family and friends. Gus retired from the Old Colony Gas Company and lived to be 90 years old.
Gus is buried at the Mt. Hope Cemetery in Weymouth, Massachusetts.

1920, MA, Norfolk, Weymouth, ed 281 Roll T625_724 pg 24A:
Joseph B Vinal, August B Ducker son in law, Florine E. daughter
note: the B in August's name  
August Jakob DUCKER
Catherine Christine Charlotte Ducker was baptized on Nov 24, 1867 and her godparents were listed as Christine Elisabeth Gertrude Mann, born Ducker. Gertrude is possibly a sister to Gerhard Ducker. The other god parent is listed as Charlette Landwehr and her given name was Kubel and she was from Ueffeln. She could possibly be married to Johann Heinrich Diedrich Landwehr , a brother of Regina Landwehr Ducker.

It is not know when Catherine came to America, but I am sure that her brother Christian helped finance her way. She was living in Boston, Massachusetts. when she was to married Anton Schafer by the Rev. Louis Schwarz of Boston. She was known to everyone as Auntie Kate.  
Catherine Christine DUCKER
From the church record book in Furstenau it lists J. Christoph Kamlage from Quackenbush and Joh.. Heinrich Diedrick Landwehr, Ueffeln as godparents at the baptism of Johanne Christian Herman Ducker on 9 April 1865. He was about 2 weeks old.

Christian Ducker, age 14, arrived in New York City, New York from Furstenau, Germany on August 10, 1879. On October 25, 1887, Christian became a citizen of the United States renouncing his allegiance to William I, Emperor of Germany. Witnesses were a Herman B. Menslage and Henry F. Schaneck who swore to knowing him for five years. Christian was a grocer and living in Chelsea. He and Johanna Otto were married by the Rev. Louis Swartz of W.E. Boston on April 8, 1890. He was 25 at the time of his marriage and Johanna was 20 years old and living at home. Christian and Johanna had a daughter, Elise born on Feb 21, 1891, they were living at 170 Walnut Street at the time. Elise died at 9 months of age with a heart condition according to her death records of Nov 16, 1891.

Apparently, Christian Ducker returned to Germany to help his elderly parents bring the 3 youngest children to America. I believe that all the other children were here in the US by the time they returned on the "Havel" into New York from Bremen on May 4, 1893. He was 28 years old at that time, his father 69 and mother 51. August was 11, Herman, 9 and Minnie was 7- August had his birthday aboard the ship. Actually, the ages should have been 13, 11 and 9, but according to ship records each child was 2 years younger than on their birth records!
Johanna and Christain became the parents of daughter, Henrietta M. Ducker, born Sept, 10, 1897. Photograph of her as a young girl is all the we know about Margaret as she was called.
Records from Massachusetts Archives confirm that Christian H. Ducker died at the age of 31 of double pneumonia and was married at the time of his death. His residence was 125 Harvard Street, Everett, Massachusetts and he was buried at Woodlawn, Everett, Massachusetts. as is his daughter Elise.

Louisa B. Davis, widow of Charles D. and Christian Ducker both live at 170 Walnut in 1892. Is there a relation ship there?

NameBusiness NameOccupationLocation 1Location 2CityStateYear
C. H. Ducker; A. D. SchaferDucker C. H. & Co.groceries and provisions472 BroadwayChelseaMA1890
Antone D. SchaferC. H. Ducker & Co.472 Broadway165 ShurtleffChelseaMA1890
John D. McCarthytailorB.165 ShurtleffChelseaMA1890
Christian H. DuckerC. H. Ducker & Co.boards 22 WattsChelseaMA1890
Daniel C. Otto49 Eliot, Boston22 WattsChelseaMA1890
John T. Casserlyclerk472 Broadwayboards 140 MarlboroChelseaMA1890

Christian H. Ducker; Antone D. SchaferDucker & Schafergroceries and provisions472 BroadwayChelseaMA1892
Antone D. SchaferDucker & Schafergrocer472 Broadwayhouse 49 MarlboroughChelseaMA1892
Christian H. DuckerDucker & Schafergrocer472 Broadway170 WalnutChelseaMA1892
Fred W. Duckerclerk472 Broadwayboards 49 MarlboroughChelseaMA1892
Frank Gulatclerk472 Broadwayboards 49 MarlboroughChelseaMA1892

Seth L. BrewerfruitGloucesterhouse 49 MarlboroughChelseaMA1892
Harry S. Thompsoncotton sampler59 State, Bostonhouse 49 MarlboroughChelseaMA1892
Louisa B. Davis, widow of Charles D.170 WalnutChelseaMA1892
John G. Morleyclerk472 Broadway149 Chester avenueChelseaMA1892
Joseph W. Francisfurniture mover472 Broadway159 DivisionChelseaMA1892
Miss Lottie L. Dickinsonbookkeeper472 Broadwayboards 37 SuffolkChelseaMA1892

1) Christian H. Ducker and Anton D. Schafer his brother in law were in business together as C. H. Ducker & Co. in 1890 and as Ducker and Schafer in 1892 in the Chelsea, MA. There business' was located at 472 Broadway, Chelsea. In 1890 Christian boarded at 22 Watts Street Chelsea at the home of Daniel C. Otto and Anton lived at 165 Shurtleff. In 1892 Christian lived at 170 Walnut Street, Chelsea, MA and Anton lived at 49 Marlborough Street, Chelsea. Fredrick W. was a clerk in the store and lived as a border with Anton in 1892.

2) After the Chelsea fire of 1908 the Schafer family moved to Revere and were living at 31 Mill Street in 1920. At home were Anton D., Catherine C., Anton D. Jr., Gerhard F., and Catherine J. Schafer. Henry G. was in Newton at 46 Oxford Road. Lizbeth was 3.

3) Anton moved to Brighton and was living at 233 Faneuil Street at the time of his death Christmas Day 1934. He was Cremated 12/27/1934. Anton D. Jr. was in Revere, MA, Gerhard F., a Civil engineer for the state public works department, was in Quincy, MA, Catherine J. Weaver was in Springfield, MA.

1)Chelsea, MA Directories 1890-92 from
2)1920 Census for Revere MA and Newton, MA
3)Newspaper Obituaries for John Anton D. Schafer. (copies on file) 
Christian Henry DUCKER
228 archive records, 1891 Chelsea, vol 414 page 325
Living at 170 Walnut Street, Chelsea, Massachusetts 

Elizabeth Ducker t was born in Furstenau, Germany, previously it had been in the state of Hannover, Prussia. No record of when Elizabeth came to the United States. She was married to Frank (Frantz) Carl Gulat, a provision dealer on Nov 14, 1894 in the city of Boston by the Rev Walter Dewers Roberts of Boston. She died of pneumonia just two weeks after her third child was born and she was 29 years old at the time of her death. Her residence was listed as Boston and place of death as Boston. She is buried in Everett, Massachusetts.  
Elizabeth DUCKER
Frederick's godparents are Friedrich Duhnke from Quakenbruck and William Mann, Furstenau- probably the husband of Gertrude Ducker Mann.
Fred Ducker arrived in New York on or about the 23 of August 1887 from Furstenau, County of Hanover in Germany. He was living at 7 Cheever Street, Chelsea when he applied for citizenship in the police Court in Chelsea, Massachusetts. He became a citizen by denouncing his allegiance to Wiliam II , Emperor of Germany on 16 Sept 1895.
Fred was a grocer living at 18 Hancock Street in Chelsea when he married Meda Foster, a bookkeeper- she is also listed as living at 18 Hancock Street at the time of her marriage. She was 22 and Fred was 28 when they married.
Their only surviving child, Blanche, was born in 1902 and she never married.
Frederick Wilhelm DUCKER

Gerhard Ducker was born in Furstenau , Germany and his godparents were John Heinrich Ducker and Johann Hinrich Kamlage. These are family names and probably brothers of his parents. Gerhard was a gardener - on one of the certificates it states that he was a Gardener Von Beruf.- The family attended the St. Georges Evangelical Lutheran Church in Furstenau. 
Gerhard Johann Heinrich DUCKER

From 1808 to 1814 was a tenant in hOuse number 162 where the Lutheran School was  
Heinrich Johann DUCKER
Christian Mann or Karn from Furstenau and Hermann Schnucke from Osnabruck are thegodparents of Hermann Ducker. He was christened on Feb. 2, 1883 and was the 8th child of Regina and Gerhard Ducker. Herman arrived in America board th "Havel" from Bremen to New York on May 4, 1893. He is listed as bring 7 , but actually he was 9 at the time he arrived . Herman was a Mait'de at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Boston and never married. He was engaged to a woman, but this marriage never took place. Herman was a very frugal man, never spending a dime if he didn't need to. On the way to work he would stop at one newsstand and read the front page of the newspaper, at the next he would read the second page and so on. He would never spend the nickel or dime to buy a paper. He bought stock with his paychecks and ended up a very wealthy man. He left a collection of stocks and bonds to his brother Gus and to the 2 children of his sister, Amelia Ducker Lang.
Herman had stomach cancer, and had part of his intestine removed in the early 50's - he smoked a pipe and liked to build things out of wood, especially windmills and bird feeders. He died of a spontaneous hemorrhage of the brain at the age of 79. He was living at 7 Linden Court, Qunicy, Massachusetts at the time of his death and is buried in the family plot in the Village Cemetery in Weymouth, Massachusetts. 
Herman Christian DUCKER
234 Johann Heinrich Ducker was a Burger- which means he was a citizen of fairly good standing and paid taxes. they lived at Kleine strasse where they had the school for the Lutheran church. From the front door of their house one can walk up the street to the church. The school was housed in their house until a new addition was built on to the church. It seems as if they had three children , Gerhard ,Johann and Gertrude when they lived in this house on Kleine Strasse. The Manns lived across the streeet and Getrude married a Daniel William Mann. The Duckers moved to Grosse Stasse and lived there until 1893- when it is assumed that they had all left for America.  Johann Heinrich DUCKER
Johanna's godparents are listed as Gertrude Mann born Ducker and Christian Timmer, from Furstenau. She was christened on June 20, 1875 in Furstenau, Germany.
Johanna was married in Chelsea, Massachusetts. on May 19, 1897 by the Rev. Louis Swartz. She was 22 and a dressmaker when she married Emil, 27, a cook. He was from Brocton, Massachusetts. They were living on Main Street, Weymouth, Massachusetts. according to the 1900 census and had a bakery. Sometime after 1914 they moved to Hill, NH. She died in 1923 and the children went to live with various relatives. Paul the youngest was just 4 and 1/2 when his mother died. Johanna is buried in Hill, NH. 
Johanna Christine DUCKER
236 Margurite Ducker has been found living in New Jersey with her widowed mother Johanna and possible grandfather- Marguerite was 12 years old and born in Massachusetts-
Mach 28, 2005 
Margurite DUCKER
Wilhelmine Johanne Amalie Ducker was the last and ninth child of Gerhard and Regina Ducker. Gerhard was 61 years old and is listed as a gardener on her birth record. He probably worked on the grounds of the castle that was in Furstenau, Germany. Her mother was 42 years old and there was a span of 20 years of childbirth. The oldest child, Christian was 19 when Amalie was born.
In 1893, Christian and the 3 youngest, with their parents,sailed to the US from Bremerhaven , Germany to New York on board the vessel the "Havel" arriving in New York on May 4, 1893. Christain had been living in Boston and apparently earned enough money to go back to Germany and bring his parents and the 3 youngest children to America.
Amelia was always called Minnie and her namesakes were Wilhelmine Mann from Fursentau and Amalie Schroder, from Schilthorst.
Minnie met her husband, George Carl Lang, when she was learning English in the school near where they lived in Mass.
George thought that she was the prettiest girl he had seen and fell in love with her. Minnie was fair with blond hair and blue/grey eyes and somewhat taller than George.
Carl and Gus Lang owned a pet shop at 11 Portland Street, Boston, Mass. and Minnie also worked in the bakery with the Duckers. Minnie was a kind, generous and loving mother. However, she was also very excitable and controlling- She worked as a dance instructor and at the bakery and pet store. She liked to crochet and sew and was always making clothes for the family. They owned a two family house and rented out during the depression- but the tenants had a hard time paying the rent, but she let them live there anyhow. She had a soft heart. She lived at 13 Windsor Road, Somerville, Massachusetts at the time of her death. She is buried in the Ducker Family plot at the Village Cemetery in Weymouth, Massachusetts.

1920, MA, Middlesex, Sommerville, ed 455 Roll T625_719 pg 18A:
George C Lang, Amelia W., George W., Florine M.
Wilhelmine Johanne Amelia DUCKER
Born 29 Nov 1877 in Furstenau, Germany, Wilhelm was the 6th child of Regina Landwehr and Gerhard Ducker. He was baptized on Dec 16, 1877 and his godparents are listed as Rudolf Schroder from Schlidethorst and Wilhelm Hoffmann from Furstenau.
William immigrated to the United States on May 10, 1892 and was fourteen years old at the time of his arrival in New York from Furstenau, Hanover, Germany. Wilhelm then went to Massachusetts and lived in Chelsea for eight years and Weymouth, for five years becoming a citizen on 28 Oct. 1905.
He was a baker with his brother-in -law Emil Otto and later on with his brother , August Ducker.
Wilhelm married Martha Rodiek on June 29, 1910 and they had one son, William Herman Ducker. He died 2 March 1942 and is buried in the Ducker Family plot at the Village Cemetery, Washington St., Weymouth, Massachusetts.

1920, MA, Norfolk, Quincy, ed 257 Roll T625_724 pg 17A:
William R Ducker, Martha wife, William H.E. son
William Rudolf DUCKER
239 According to a book on Early Pioneers of Delhi Township Herman H. Duhme (1784-1864)
bought land and grew grapes.  
Hermann Heinrich DUHME
240 Herman Duhme:

Herman had five sons and four daughters. 
Hermann Heinrich DUHME

Herman Rudolf Duhme was born Dec, 14, 1802. When he was 27 years old he married Anna Maria Christine Landwehr, in the small village of Ueffeln, Niedersachsen, Germany. In those times, only men could inherit land , and so, Herman took on the family name of his wife so that the farm land would stay with the family. Anna Maria Christine had an older brother, but he left Germany in August 1848. She also had two older sisters who left Germany in Jan 1846 and 1850. There was another brother, Johann Heinrich, but we don't know why he didn't continue the farm. This same person is listed as God father to Johann Christian Ducker b. Mar 23, 1865.
Could it be that he was married and working the farm of his spouse? could it be that he was handicapped or ill?
Hermann Rudolf DUHME
Regina was born in a very small village of Ueffeln, Niedersachsen, Germany.
The family had a very small house on the farm land. They were Kotters, which meant that they farmed the land for the landowner. They were paid a very small
wage and probably had enough to buy a new set of clothes every year. Times were very difficult and many of the men left the village to work in Holland where they were paid for working and the wives and children were left to farm the land.
Regina was the 5th and last child of Hermann Rudolf Landwehr born Duhme and Anna Marie Christine Landwehr . Her parents died within a year of her marraige to Gerhard Ducker. She was the youngest and there were no more Landwehrs to carry on the farm name and land could not be willed ot daughters.
Her brother, Herman Rudolf,b. March 14, 1830 Immigrated in 1848.
Anna Marie Regina b.May 1, 1832 , immigrated in 1846.
Anna Marie Dorothea b. Dec 24 1835 Immigrated in 1850.
John Henrich Landwehr, B. Oct 28, 1837 apparently stayed in Germany longer but he also immigrated later on. He is listed as Chrisitan H. Ducker's godfather in 1865.
Regina immigrated in 1893 with her husband and their eldest son, Christian and their three youngest children... We do know that Regina and Gerhard went to the US to join their other children who were already in USA.

Gerhard was 20 years older than Regina when they were married in the church in Ueffeln- after they were married they moved to Furstenau, a larger town near Ueffeln and that is where their 9 children were born.

Hello Arlene,
I was looking through my Jackson Twp., Jackson Co., IN cemetery book and
found 3 Duhme, all are buried in St. Paul's Christian/Old German Cemetery.
Johann Ernst Dietrich Duhme born 29 November 1823 and died 3 June 1868.
Frank Duhme died 30 March 1865, aged 36 years, 2 months, and 3 days.
Delia Duhme died 4 July 1899, aged 43 years.
Maybe, this will help.
Regina Catherine DUHME-LANDWEHR
243 Widow of James PIM, A miller deceased. ELIZABETH
244 1881 Census : 36 Oakley Crescent, Chelsea,
Occupation: Cashier;

Father, John Ellis 
Thomas Henry ELLIS
245 Isaac FOORD, age 79, M, AG LAB Y
Elizabeth FOORD,75,F, Y
John FOORD, 53, M, AG, LAB, Y
Maria FOORD, 32, F, Y
Samuel FOORD, 2,M, Y

1841 census of Ringmer, Sussex, England 
Elizabeth FIELDER
246 John Fielder and Richard Carter had kilns in Barnet Wood, Framfield. Thomas Turner, the diarist, bought tiles from Fielderšs Kiln in1758. See The Diary of Thomas Turner, edited by David Vaisey. John FIELDER
247 *** in 1851 Thomas was living Croxted Road ,Framfield. He was a widower, farmer, farming 5 acres and employing 1.

His grandson, George Siggs, age 10, b. Framfield was living with him
He had a housekkeeper, Harriet Ware, age 28 b, Ringmer and her son was also living with them.
He was Reuben R. Foord,age 8, born Framfield, Sussex,
Harriet was either married twice , once to a Foord and then to a Ware , or she was a Foord and Reuben in illegit.

source: Census records 1851, East Hoathly, Sussex, England 
248 not sure about birth date- may be May 3, 1787 rather than March Johann Michael Gottlieb FINDEISEN
249 L.M Constable - on death certificate-
Widow of Arhtur Constable -Poultry broker

Name: Audrey Zulicka Fleck
Year of Registration: 1871
Quarter of Registration: Apr-May-Jun
District: St Saviour Southwark
County: London, Surrey
Volume: 1d
Page: 166

Name: Audrey Zalicka Fleck marriage to Arthur CONSTABLE
Year of Registration: 1893
Quarter of Registration: Apr-May-Jun
District: Chelsea (1841-1981)
County: Greater London, London, Middlesex
Volume: 1a
Page: 715
Audrey Zulicka FLECK
250 Name: George Dudley Fleck
Year of Registration: 1847
Quarter of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar
District: St George Hanover Square
County: London, Surrey
Volume: 1
Page: 42

Name: Dudley George Fleck
Year of Registration: 1868
Quarter of Registration: Apr-May-Jun
District: Strand
County: London, Middlesex
Volume: 1b
Page: 844

Name: Dudley George Fleck
Birth Date: abt 1848
Year of Registration: 1875
Quarter of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar
Age at death: 27
District: Strand
County: London, Middlesex
Volume: 1b
Page: 450

Name: Karl Dudley E Fleck
Year of Registration: 1879
Quarter of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar
District: Kensington
County: Greater London, London, Middlesex
Volume: 1a
Page: 186
not sure how this fits in!
Dudley George FLECK

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